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Bradken is a manufacturer and supplier of differentiated consumable and capital products to the mining, transport, general industrial and contract manufacturing markets with operations in Australia, China, England, New Zealand and the United States. It is a subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery.

A former employee mentioned, "Upper Management at Bradken are all about their bonuses, out of touch with reality. Losing work due to over pricing. No loyalty to workers."


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Former Employee - Sand Operator says

"Bad management to work with"

Equipment Operator says

"Where would one start. But pay isn't bad"


"The management could care less about the people, the head of the plant would constantly lie to people. They can never tell us anything and when they did you couldn't believe it. It was the do as I say not as I do management style. They have shut the foundry down only offering $1,200 to the employees to stay until the last day. no severance package nothing. 90+ employees now have to find new jobs, while knowing the managers are all getting a severance package to help them along. Thanks Bradken Proud to belong huh!!!"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Discrimination regarding older employees for advancement and job confidences."

Current Employee - Machinist says

"Management doesn't care, old boys club on the shop floor. Current foreman lead hand only care about their own group of skin color. The harder a person works less respect. So they lazy guys get promoted. Immigrants are treated as stupid. Management pushes work life balance, but doesn't follow thru. Your opinion doesn't matter. No training program for new hires, unless your liked by foreman from day one. Bad behaviour ignored."

Current Employee - Millwright says

"Not enough vacation time given"

Former Employee - Retired says

"Bradken Management in Australia could care less about Kansas job growth, instead invested in plants in Washington and Louisiana."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Boys club going on,lot of "Yes"men on floor,rubbish hours,isolated when your on light duties"

National Account Manager says

"The Management is restrictive in their HR policies and lacking in follow through on personnel issues and performance review. Merit and cost of living pay is minimal."

Current Employee - Ndt Technician says

"lackluster management, sporadic hours, back-stabbing whiny babies everywhere you look"

Maintenace (Former Employee) says

"They are the worst company I ever work for very back stabbing lies lot the management the worst . that ole will kill you and treat you like a dog run you in the ground"

Welder (Current Employee) says

"The company says that they care about their employees,but in all actually they are just another number on the time card. They have no compassion or feelings for the employees. It's a bs company to work for, unless you wanna be a Slave to the grind, literally.Good pay for the areaShort breaks, shi** management, filthy work conditions. Two faced employees, management does'nt communicate with each other. Over all, just a cluster fu** of a s*** show."

Engineering Design Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Upper Management is all about their bonuses, out of touch with reality. Losing work due to over pricing. No loyalty to workers."

Boilermaker/Shift Leading Hand (Current Employee) says

"Its a hard working environment where everyone else helps one another and never puts a fellow worker down, management has its down falls but they are always willing to hear you suggestions to make it a better work place the most enjoyable part of my job is seeing the end product of all our hard work leave the factory.bbqmanagment"

Level II Nondestructive Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Long days Long weeks very dirty and the company couldnt care less about their employees"

Molder (Former Employee) says

"HR Is the rudest people in the company, They have horrible communication with there employees. They will feed you lies just to get you hired .They hire minorities so when it’s lay-off season there the first to go.They will let you call out , knowing you don’t have pto to cover it and then write u up until your on your last warning. Hr also likes to play games with the pto saying it’s just sick time when it’s not. It’s paid time off."

operator, dressing (Former Employee) says

"The dressing shop Was Unfriendly Double standards I experienced Bullying Racism Favouritism Boss and leading hand not helpful Inappropriate I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work there. Not a disgruntled former employees just wanted to eave eave an accurate description of how I experienced working there"

Operations Supervisor Bradken Metal Recycling (Current Employee) says

"My time at Bradken was very enjoyable. I met alot of good people.Unfortunately as Bradken began to move more work off shore their requirments in Australia changed.I have many years of work to go and I am looking forward to establishing myself in another company.Able to work automously.Moving work off shore."

Manager, Health, Safety & Environment (Former Employee) says

"Having several locations in the city it was important to stay close to them all, and maintain good relations with the employees and management to ensure compliance, communications and actions. The most gratifying is being with a company that you can see as time goes, the safety culture shift, with people being the driving force to zero harm.Safety TeamLong Hours"

Workshop Maintenance Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"What's good for one is dismissal for another at this place.Lots of behind the scenes politics-you never know where you stand. Written and verbal warnings abound but for those not in the 'inner circle' only!Decent pay and fair rosterManagement a mess"

Welder/Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"Some people like to make it their business to become a nuisance.I thought that it's unfair in many ways. Senior staff that play head particular individual who was a pilot/ this/that...he was one to stir up drama ."

Foundry quality control (Former Employee) says

"Bradken was a great place to work for many years. Unfortunately they sold the small private owned company to a larger corporation which in turn lead to the shut down of our facility.great money if you sticlk it outit is a cut throat invironment."

Forklift driver (Former Employee) says

"hour long drive to work, i learned how to make make ceramic wear plates for iron ore chutes which included the measuring and pouring of polyurethane as well as the packing and loading finished product on trucksgood work mateslong drive to work"

Production Assistant/HR Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Work/life is great for office and salaried personnel with little or no flexibility for hourly plant workers. Wages are good when OT is available, but management is poor due to a high level of favoritism and nepotism. Highly toxic environment among corporate staff, but hourly staff have a better, more friendly comraderie.Great benefits & pay for the area.Toxic environment"

Labourer (Casual / Temp) says

"a typical day consists of hard work, very hard boss, good workers, not a enjoyable job."

Electronic Technician (Current Employee) says

"Typical day is maintaining the operation of the machines. Keep them up running with minimal down time. although some of the co-workers are very difficult to get along with. I don't have issues with them they have issues with me. The coworkers on third shift do not like to come into machine breakdowns, if there are they begin to yell and scream."

Employee Engagement Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Managed a team of competent payroll staff processing weekly, fortnightly, and monthly pays. Engaged to answer / respond to many IR questions / disputes, referencing a myriad of site agreements and other statutory industrial instruments."

Production Worker/Fettler (Former Employee) says

"Just your average daily grind, working as a fettler. Over the last four years of my employment there, the company had announced the closure of the factory on three occasions. How's the job security?It gave me something to look forward to every day!"

Tool Maker (Former Employee) says

"Very little expected of you Always looked after its workers, as long as it is in there intrests. Apply if you are desperate Great place to retire"

production welder (Former Employee) says

"i found that once i achieved the 5000 hour mark for advancement from apprenticeship welder to journeyman i was quickly laid off." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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